Staying in shape

11 09 2009


Does it look familiar? If it does, you’d better watch out!!




Do you think it’s important to stay in shape? If your answer is no, watch these short funny videos and let’s see if you’ll change your mind!





So, are you convinced? How about going to the gym now?  Check out this funny video and see how “easy” it is!





How about some quizzes? Let’s see if you are in shape or not!!




So, do you have any comments?? Let’s share your opinion about this topic!!


  • What’s your opinion about the videos? Did they make you think about going to the gym or go on a diet? Why (not)?
  • Are you a couch potato? Why (not)?
  • Which activities (both physical and everyday activities) do you do regularly?
  • Do you like to work out? Are you addicted to it? Why (not)?
  • Do you exercise? Why(not)?
  • What kind of exercise do you do? How often do you do it? How important is that for you?
  • Do you have health habits? Give examples.
  • Are you a vegeterian? What’s your opinion about them? Do you think that being a vegetarian is good for your health? Why(not)?
  • Is it important to stay in shape? Why(not)? How can we do it?
  • What are the disadvantages of being out of shape?



11 responses

12 09 2009

Nice videos!
I’m not couch potato, because i exercise often, I’m not vegetarian, but my meals are balanced.I’d like to pratice some sport, but my health don’t permitted to do one.

So… Nice post em I wish success for u!

12 09 2009

I loved it dear, very well done how you did the lesson, i think i am a bit out of shape, but i am working on getting more into shape these days, lots of running, and weights at the gym, if only i could kick my habbit of Burger King meals everyday….hehehe the hazzards of being a manager there….you did awesome dami 😀

17 09 2009

Hello people!!!! Definitely these videos are truth!
I was a “coach potato”, but now, “it dosen’t belong to me anymore”. To be honest, I’m on a diet! I already lost three Kgs! And then, I only eat healthy food, a lot of vegetables and fruits. I’m walking to shape! :-0
Fast foods are not allowed! rsrrsrsr

Kisses, Cya!

17 09 2009


According the test, I have a healthy habits!!!!!



19 09 2009

You can get shape or you can work out in confort of your sweet house like this stupid.



19 09 2009

Huahuahua, what a loser!!!

Good video! Thanks, Patrick!

28 09 2009
Débora Oliveira

I think very important to make physical activities not only for aesthetics more for health care. In addition, good nutrition is also important. I’m a vegetarian for two reasons. First the issue of health and then the violence with which the animals are subjected to feed us.
As for the videos are very funny.


Débora Oliveira

28 09 2009
Caíme Ramos

The videos are pretty funny. Now do not do any physical activity, but I like trekking and soccer player. I’m Not vegetarian, but I try to make balanced meals consumed vegetables and fruits legumnes.


Caíme Ramos

2 10 2009
Helen Mattos

Hello, My teacher!

How are you?
your blog is very good, kisses
Bye bye!

2 11 2009

Thanks for the videos! Staying in shape is important. I am not really a couch potato. I only do stretching exercises in the morning and only do walking and jogging everyday. I love to eat more on fruits and vegetables. My family eats more on fish and less on meat.

21 11 2009
Patrick Kallie

That video is funny! LOL

That guy is a maniac, but he is in great shape!
I have a great program that I try to do which is exercise at least every other day. So that way you never get bored with your workouts. I can give you more info if you need. You can stay in great shape by just modifying your diet, you don’t have to give up on all of your favorites.

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