Childhood memories

17 08 2009


Let’s practice our English?  🙂


What about childhood memories? Do you remember what it was like to be a child?

I’ve got some very special memories to share! Check out some of my pictures:




 Here is my very first bike! Look how happy I was!











 I loved going to amusement parks ! This picture was taken in Shangai, Penha/RJ. The merry-go-round was my favorite ride!! 🙂










 With a lot of free time on my hands (oh, how I miss this!), I used to play a lot of games with my friends. Here are some of my favorites!














Good times! I was very happy!!








  Ah, video games!!! I still love them!! 

That was my first video game: CCE Atari. I loved playing “Enduro”, “Pitfall” and of course, “Pacman”. 

This used to be the best video game ever… Funny how things change, huh? Today I play my Playstation 2 (wishing I had a PS3!), and I’m sure if I asked any kid today  his opinion about Atari, he would laugh at my face…. eheh







  Yeah, I used to like Carnaval…. only because I could get dressed up like a bate-bola and scare people… hehehe

I was five and I lived in Vila da Penha (I still do!) in an apartment. It was really fun! 🙂









 Ah… TV ! I used to spend hours in front of it,  watching my favorite cartoons! There are so many that I can’t remember all of them! Here are some of my favorite cartoons!








Oh, a lot of good memories!!!

A lot of free time to play, read, draw, run…. I was free as a bird! I sure miss that today!


What about you? Let’s share about childhood memories!

  • Where did you live? Who did you live with?
  • What were your favorite activities / cartoons / games ?
  • What is your most precious memory?
  • Who was your best friend? What did you used to do together?
  • What do you miss the most about your childhood? Why?
  • Would you like to go back in time if you could? Why (not) ?


Waiting for your comments!





15 responses

20 08 2009

Oh Dami! I ually loved the Atari part! God times playing River Raid and also Crackpot!

kisses see ya!

20 08 2009

I’m here…hehehe 0,5 pts.

20 08 2009

You mean 0.00000001, right?
Oh, ok then!

20 08 2009

I have the greatest memories of my childhood is of my family, our union, it still remains distant.

25 08 2009
Débora Oliveira


I love She-ra and atari!!!!


25 08 2009
Caíme Ramos


My childhood is in TIVOLI “PORCO”.

Very good.


27 08 2009

I used to do pretty much the same things…Good memories!

28 08 2009

I don’t have very childmemories, but I remember He-man, She-ra and Atari games. I remember too to play with my sisters, cousins or friends in my house or in the house of my neighbor.
I stoled manga (?), jaboticaba (?) and others fruits. D. Genilda, my neighbor, saw those things, but she was very nice. She found fun, because we did and thinked that she didn’t know, but she knew.
One thing that I miss… I sure miss to play bike. I felt free when I go out with my bike. It was nice. Other thing… The innocence, better, the simplicity. That’s all.

17 09 2009

I’m here, again…rs
So, I have memories of my childhood, Barbie,
ball, ballet, jiu – jitsu, megadrive “my favorite games are california games and sonic” , I traveled every weekend to Araruama or Teresópolis….is good now, right?


19 09 2009

OMG, I had the “think good” hahaha good times, but for teacher (GOOD OLD OLD TIME), i repeat in english course but don’t lost the joke. 😛 Cya

19 09 2009

I just lost 10 points!!!

20 09 2009

Only 10 points !!! This is easy 😉

20 09 2009

Oh, yeah? It’s 40 points then!!!

19 09 2009

Just Kidding 😀

24 09 2009
Sandra Trigo

My son Igor liked this games a lot when he was a kid. Actually he still likes video-games but he doesn’t have much time to enjoy playing.

Oh! One thing…my son helped me a lot on writing this comment for you..


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